HAPPIER HENS. TASTIER EGGS. Yorkshire Valley Farms launches organic pasture egg program for the 2017 season.

TORONTO, June 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yorkshire Valley Farms is pleased to launch its organic pasture-raised egg program for the 2017 season. In addition to following organic practices, farmers in the pasture-raised program provide an enhanced pasture area for hens to forage outdoors. As with all Yorkshire Valley Farms laying hens, the pasture birds enjoy organic non-GMO feed and a cage-free environment in which to lay their eggs.

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Since ‘pasture-raised’ is not a defined labelling term in Canada, Yorkshire Valley Farms set about to create a set of standards to which all participating pasture farmers must adhere. These pasture-raised criteria incorporate the organic standards, while also requiring that hens spend a minimum of 6 hours outdoors per day, weather permitting, in an organically-managed pasture that offers at least 20 ft2 (1.85m2) per hen. These standards are important to us, and we think they are important to consumers as well.

The realities of the Ontario climate mean that this enhanced pasture access can only be ensured for a limited period each year. The pasture program generally runs from late May to October and the eggs are offered as a special seasonal offering. When consumers buy a Yorkshire Valley Farms product labelled ‘pasture’, they are getting a product that comes from animals that have truly spent time outdoors, foraging on pasture.

In 2016, CBC Marketplace conducted nutritional analysis of a range of eggs and found that eggs from hens that spend time on pasture have higher concentrations of fat-soluble vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. In particular, eggs from Yorkshire Valley Farms growers had more than double the amount of vitamin D, 3.5 times more vitamin E, and were the lowest in saturated fat compared to other eggs included in the sample set.

Yorkshire Valley Farms organic pasture raised eggs are currently available through the following Ontario retailers: 

Alloro Fine Foods
Bryson Farms
Coppa’s Fresh Market
Fiesta Farms
Highland Farms
Kingsholm Farms
Nature’s Emporium – Newmarket
Rainbow Natural Foods
Sobeys – Lansdowne location, Peterborough
Sobeys – Towerhill location, Peterborough
Sue’s Market
The Big Carrot

We continue to work with additional retailers to bring our eggs to market. Check the Yorkshire Valley Farms website for an updated list of participating grocers.

ABOUT YORKSHIRE VALLEY FARMS: Founded in 2010 and owned by Ontario farming families, Yorkshire Valley Farms produces and markets fresh and frozen organic poultry products, including chicken, turkey, and eggs. In just over 5 years, Yorkshire Valley Farms has grown to become one of Canada’s leading organic poultry companies.

Marketing support for the Yorkshire Valley Farms pasture egg program has been provided through a Greenbelt Fund Market Access Grant. We appreciate the financial support of the Greenbelt Fund and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in helping us to bring more organic eggs to the Ontario market.

Additional lifestyle imagery from our organic egg farms, are available. Please contact for high resolution files.


The full pasture standards can be found at:

Meet some of Yorkshire Valley Farms egg farmers (video):

Krysten Cooper, Yorkshire Valley Farms, 
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