Podium Data Forms Executive Advisory Council

LOWELL, Mass., June 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Podium Data announces formation of its Executive Advisory Council (EAC), which kicked off recently in a two-day meeting at TD Bank’s corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. The Council’s composition, which is primarily Podium Data customers, includes executive-level representation from global 1000 companies in Europe, Japan, and North America.

The Podium EAC charter is two-fold. First, to frequently assemble a mix of professionals who are passionate about new thinking, disruptive technology and the future of big data best practices. And second, this team – many of whom are executive sponsors of the Podium technology – have the opportunity to influence and shape future releases of the Podium Data platform.

“The council is comprised of trailblazers who are realizing orders of magnitude improvements in data delivery, quality, and costs,” said Paul Barth, CEO of Podium Data. “These trailblazers have to overcome obstacles – both old and new – as they navigate new terrain. And their reward for choosing to pioneer, rather than follow, is a first-mover advantage and the satisfaction of making a difference. I am lucky to be learning with all of them.”

Invention and Reinvention in Action

At the core of this group’s charter is the proliferation of the modern enterprise data marketplaces that are fundamentally transforming data management as it is known today.

Scheduled to meet quarterly, this 11-member group is set to grow throughout 2017, with invited members from private and public companies in banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. New members will also include technology and service providers, as well as industry thought leaders and influencers.

About Podium Data, Inc.
Podium Data is radically simplifying and accelerating the way companies manage, prepare and deliver business-ready data – the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. The Podium Data Marketplace is a turnkey big data management platform that goes beyond data lakes to give business analysts self-service, on-demand access to trusted data while ensuring quality and control. This revolutionary approach accelerates delivery by more than twenty-five times while reducing costs by 40 percent. A growing list of Fortune 500 enterprises is already using the Podium Data Marketplace to deliver a wide range of analytics projects like never before. More information is available at www.podiumdata.com and on Twitter at @PodiumData. 

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