United Cannabis Trade Association Supports Process to Legalize LA’s Cannabis Industry

LOS ANGELES, June 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The United Cannabis Business Association, a leading cannabis industry advocacy group operating in Los Angeles and Sacramento, applauds the City of Los Angeles for taking the next step in the process to foster and regulate the expanding cannabis industry. The City of Los Angeles provided the first in a series of draft ordinances that would formalize the regulatory, operational and financial components of a Citywide cannabis licensing system.

Jerred Kiloh, President of the UCBA noted that “as longstanding members of Los Angeles’ legal cannabis industry, we are thrilled that our hard work, dedication and transparency has helped shape cannabis industry regulations in LA. Since MCRSA passed in Sacramento, the UCBA has been pushing City leaders to align our regulations with legislative and voter-approved cannabis laws that affect everyone in Los Angeles.”

The proposed City ordinance could implement a wide range of operational, administrative, financial and enforcement mechanisms that will align the City with state laws passed by the legislature and approved by voters in Prop 64. The draft City regulations adopted language and concepts proposed by the UCBA throughout the course of a nearly year-and-a-half working relationship between UCBA’s legal dispensaries and a host of City departments.

“We are pleased that the City listened and considered the wealth of experience that long-standing legal operators bring to the table. We cannot underscore the need to have the full spectrum of UCBA’s diverse backgrounds and experience represented as the City moves forward to transitioning a once illegal industry towards sensible regulations,” noted Javier Montes, Vice-President of UCBA.

Kiloh concluded that “over the next few days, we will review the draft regulations and zoning requirements that have been put forth by the City Council after months of thoughtful discussion with the industry and community. We will continue to work with the Council, Mayor and City Attorney to reaffirm the wishes of voters in Los Angeles who overwhelmingly supported Proposition M.”

For more information, visit our website, www.ucbatradeassn.com.

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