amplifire Healthcare Alliance Introduces Experienced-Based Medicine In Ground-Breaking New Platform

Boulder, Colorado, June 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

amplifire, the industry leader in brain-based, scientifically proven adaptive e-learning software used by global healthcare, education, and Fortune 500 companies including UCHealth, Partners Healthcare, Mastec, United Airlines, CompTIA, and The Princeton Review, today announced a new “Experience-Based Medicine” feature for the amplifire learning platform, which will enable physicians and nurses to engage in feedback, discussion, and real-world experiences throughout their courses. This is the first of its kind for the healthcare industry.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) set a goal for 90% of care decisions made by clinicians on behalf of their patients to be based on recognized “evidence” by the year 2020. Experts suggest that currently only about 15-25% of decisions are based on such evidence.[1] The pressure is on within the industry to drive Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) into clinical practice, using Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software, and aggressive education. But this movement has encountered some significant barriers.

“Healthcare is at a critical watershed and all eyes are trained on the enormous challenges we face. The chasm between the amount of rapidly changing evidence and the capacity of the medical and nursing communities to learn, agree, and apply is very wide,” said Robert J. Birnbaum, MD, PhD, Vice President of Continuing Professional Development at Partners Healthcare, adding,The decisions made by physicians and nurses are based on many factors and variables that can’t be fully represented in the drop-down menu of a software program. amplifire allows learners to engage and share real-world experiences, in addition to evidence and analytics, which can transform the learning environment.”

In amplifire’s clinical trials, between 25-35% Confidently Held Misinformation™(CHM) has been found and fixed in physicians and nurses using the LMS platform to address sepsis, patient falls, pressure injuries, and other intractable problems facing the industry. [2]

The impact of clinician experience was evidenced in a national, 15-health system Sepsis pilot of amplifire to 170 hospitalist physicians on the topic of epidural abscess (EA), a rare but potentially lethal condition that progresses rapidly and requires clear diagnosis and prompt treatment. Hospitalists expressed different experiences (evidence) and knowledge on issues ranging from identifying and confirming an EA diagnosis to clinical documentation of EA to EA treatment as the symptoms progress.

“The aggregate data from the Hospitalist Pilot was critical, but equally valuable to me was the information about what my physicians believe about EA and why; learning isn’t unilateral,” said Per Danielsson, MD, Executive Medical Director, Swedish Health Services. “amplifire is a unique toolkit that can revolutionize the mastery of critical information. It is a strategic, evidence-based advantage for hospitals.”


                                                             Example of New Experience-Based Medicine Feature                                                           

Integrated into the new platform feature are 15 triggers, designed by the world’s leading experts in cognitive neuroscience, that stimulate rapid learning and drive long-term memory. Chief among these triggers is the notion of confidence, which is a predictor of action. amplifire finds and fixes Confidently Held Misinformation™, which are untruths held in the neurons of the learner. In medicine, acting on CHM can lead to medical errors and harm, misdiagnosis, substandard care, and financial loss. 

Reflecting on 20 years of scientific research into why patients are unnecessarily harmed, amplifire Healthcare Alliance CEO Bob Burgin said, “People don’t learn from data, they learn from stories. Physicians and nurses have more stories than anyone, and we’re excited to work with them in the forefront of the healthcare industry and the forefront of the latest brain research. Together, we are working to eliminate avoidable harm, save lives, time, and money.” 

Contact: Melanie Howard, Vice President of Marketing, [email protected], (720) 799-1307.



About amplifire Healthcare Alliance:

The Healthcare Alliance is a network of health systems and hospitals whose mission is to prevent avoidable harm and financial loss while saving time and money.  Members collaborate to solve critical problems rooted in misinformation, share authoring, learning and reporting on patented smart algorithm systems, exchange blinded data, and manage change in their health systems. Members include Partners Healthcare in Boston, Mass General in Boston, Providence Health in Seattle, University of Colorado Health in Denver, Intermountain Health in Salt Lake City, and Mercy Health in Cincinnati. 


About amplifire:

Amplifire’s mission is to build a smarter, safer, more prosperous world in which people perform at their highest potential. amplifire, a division of Knowledge Factor, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, makes adaptive LMS platforms that maximize human performance at scale by reducing Confidently Held Misinformation™ leading to risk, loss and harm. Perfected since 2001 by the world’s leading experts in brain science and cognition, amplifire’s patented algorithms and analytics have improved the lives of thousands of professionals, students and patients and saved clients millions of dollars. Learn more about amplifire’s Advanced Education for higher ed, amplifire Performance for the corporate market, and the amplifire Healthcare Alliance for the healthcare industry at


[1] “Evidence-Based Medicine and the Changing Nature of Healthcare,” National Academies Press, 2008, p. 8.

[2] “Amplifire Hospitalist Pilot,” amplifire Healthcare Alliance, 2016.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

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