Lavenburg Medical Group Joins VHI to Provide Eyecare to the Global Community

ELKTON, Md., June 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lavenburg Medical Group is dedicated to bringing needed eye care services and eyewear not only to the local communities of Elkton and Newark but communities in need across the globe. The vision team based out of two ophthalmology practices in Elkton and Newark has partnered with Vision Health International (VHI) for their upcoming mission from June 3-11 and has been raising funds throughout May to help their work abroad.

Vision Health International (VHI) is a charitable organization providing advanced ophthalmology services to individuals in Latin America. They have provided more than 27,000 eye exams, given over 22,000 pairs of eyewear and eyeglasses and performed 6,086 sight-restoring surgeries since 1985. Their upcoming mission trip is set to take place from June 3-11 and Dr. Lavenburg will be joining other volunteers heading to Villa Nueva, Guatemala to conduct field vision screenings and perform cataract and other surgeries. Vision Health International works with the Mayor of Villa Nueva to assist residents in one of the most underserved and most populated countries in Central America, showing a significant number of cases of preventable blindness.

As a leading ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Lavenburg is looking forward to bringing his expertise to those who need it most.

“I am honored to be part of the team assisting in the next VHI mission to Guatemala and bringing necessary eye services to those who cannot afford treatment,” said Dr. Lavenburg.  “I appreciate that our vision patients and area residents continue to donate and contribute to a mission that helps others address vision issues. I am grateful for every donation and am happy to answer questions about the upcoming trip.”

Douglas J. Lavenburg MD of Lavenburg Medical Group serves residents of Wilmington and Newark, Delaware; Elkton and Northeast, Maryland and surrounding areas in Delaware, Maryland and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Their team is committed to providing the best patient care possible and offers the latest technology in treatment options. Services include vision correction, eye disease management, surgical procedures of the eyes and face, cosmetic skin care enhancements, blepharoplasty, LASIK, and no-stitch cataract surgery.

Call (302) 993-0722 to speak with a knowledgeable associate about the mission trip to Guatemala, make a donation, or visit for additional details on their ophthalmology services.

CONTACT: Lavenburg Medical Group, (302) 993-0722

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